7 Things You Need To Have By Your Side If A College Industrial Visit Is In Order


It is that time of the year again, the time of the year that you were eagerly awaiting. Yes! The industrial visit season is here and it brings with it new opportunities to enjoy and learn. But, in the midst of all this fanfare, there is much packing that needs to be done. Some essentials you are sure to pack, but there are few little things which you shouldn’t be turning a blind eye to. Here we reveal all those things for you:

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5 Offbeat Places You Should Never Miss Out On While Travelling In Punjab


If you ever were to ask an Indian the synonym of fun, the answer eventually would be Punjab. That’s right! The land of the Golden temple is arguably the richest & vibrant part of the country.

So, if you happen to be wayfaring through this land of exquisite then there are few offbeat places you should never miss visiting. Read on to find out.

#1 The Dhaba

It’s a well known fact that Punjabis are complete foodies. So when in Punjab do as the Punjabis do and what better way than to have lunch/dinner in a dhaba. The dhabas are a stuff of legends, serving you dishes so tasty you’d chew up your fingers in excitement. Continue reading

Top 5 Travel Destinations For Students In India  


After its autonomy, the instructive change in India has entered another time. India is quick developing as one of the world pioneers in training with its reasonable instruction, an extensive variety of decisions, world-class foundations, and global presentation.


Red Fort

The capital city of India, Delhi, is one of the top goals for understudies in India regarding world-class instruction. The city is sheltered, overall associated, and has great base and financial structure. It has better social and social environment and healthcare offices. The main state colleges are Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and National Law University. Continue reading

3 Life Hacks That Educational Tours Brings To The Table


As kids, many of us have fond memories of the school picnic that were organized once a year. The joy of spending time with buddies, enjoying the thrill and fanfare that accompanied it and not to mention the fearlessness that came from the surety of not getting punished by the teachers. Ah! Good old days those…

Industrial Visit

Time changes though, and so does the scenario. School picnic gives way to educational tours. While the concept is much the same, there are some key real world differences I am about to highlight which will help you to grow as a person, so read on… Continue reading

7 Monsoon Destinations In Maharashtra That Are A Must Visit for All


By mid June, the battering summer heat gives way to pleasant monsoon showers In India. And, one of the earliest recipients of this is the state of Maharashtra. With its varied landscape, from the coastline on one end to the Sahyadri mountain ranges on the other, Maharashtra is a traveler’s paradise in the monsoons. But, some spots take precedence over the others because of the sheer beauty, peace and thrill that they provide. Here we look at 7 such monsoon destinations in Maharashtra that you ought to visit.

#7 Marleshwar


Marleshwar is a small village lying in the Sangameshwar division of Ratnagiri district. It is well known among people for its Cave Shiva temple, which is a major tourist attraction. But, for nature lovers, there is delight unparalleled, as the river Bav enriches the surrounding. Adding to its splendor is the Dhareshwar waterfall, which is a sight to behold. Continue reading